Hero By Night is a comic series created by D.J. Coffman.

The story revolves around a young man, Jack King, who discovers the hidden lair and belongings of a long lost super hero from the 1940's/50's. Instead of suiting up to become the hero himself, he plans on striking it rich by auctioning off the hero's journals to the highest bidder online. Little was he aware that the highest bidder would be none other than the original hero's arch nemesis, The Iron Talon. A new hero is born when Jack is forced to make a decision.... get rich quick, or save the people he loves?

THE JOURNALS: For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, David Day, the original Hero By Night, chronicled his adventures and darkest secrets. Protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it--until one day... he vanished. Read them now.

Hero By Night is the winner of the 2006 Comic Book Challenge which was produced by Platinum Studios (Men in Black/ Cowboys and Aliens)


Created and drawn by:
D.J. Coffman

Coloring and plot assist:
Jason Embury

Ongoing Series #1-3 scripts by James Patrick



Do you have the rights back to Hero By Night? The comic rights are now fully in control by me (D.J. Coffman) I'm essentially self publishing Hero By Night on my own with the usual band of suspects (Jason Embury, James Patrick) and the support of the new Platinum Studios team. Platinum is still representing HBN for film/tv and other licensing, and we are still part of their library of intellectual properties. Beyond that I cannot disclose the details of our arrangment, just know that everything is all good. Onward!

What is the status of the live action television show that was announced? You know how these things go. It's a slooooooooow process. I can't talk about details, but there are always things going on behind the scenes. I will only report officially when things are really in production. As with many things in the Comics/Hollywood entertainment world, sometimes these things don't get off the ground. For now, enjoy the comics!!!

How are you selling digital editions of your comics and how can I get them? I will be selling digital issues directly to you from our website. Again, I'm cutting out as many middlemen as possible. Check our SHOP page for more details.

Will the comics be available at my local comic shop or in print? Yes and no. Yes, I do plan on printing collections of the major story arcs, but no, I will not be distribuiting through the direct comic book market. I'm cutting out as many middlemen as I can to get special merchandise direct to the readers. Comic book store owners who wish to carry our books will have to work with me directly. Store owners can contact me directly at djcoffman AT gmail.com

Why are you hosting on Keenspot and not Drunk Duck? Why not self hosting? Honestly, I just LIKE Keenspot and the owners very much. I've hosted other comics here and it was hassle free and they always treated me right. Nothing against Drunk Duck, but their site is pretty slow and clunky and was never my choice for hosting. Now that I am free to make the choice, I've chosen Keenspot! :)

Will you be selling the rings again? A definite possibility! Beyond the rings I'd like to find some other unique items to offer to the fans directly. Stay tuned to our main page and facebook page for updates.

Can I work with you or collaborate on a HBN project? We're all set in the creative department. However, I do encourage fan fiction and artwork. Please post it to our Facebook Fan Page and we'll be sure to show you some love.

Why are you re-running pages that I've seen before? Where's the new stuff? Hero By Night went into "H"iatus in May of 2008. We felt it's been a while and would be good to introduce new readers to the "ongoing series" while refreshing the memory of die-hard HBN fans. You'll see all new issues begin after the first 3 issues in the series have run. In the meantime I want to encourage all of you super fans out there to share and introduce HBN to your friends. We'll also reward old school fans with some new content during the first few issues. STAY TUNED and keep your eyes open! You never know where I'll hide secret things for you. :)